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phone recorders

Deluxe Phone Recorders - The most advanced phone recorders ever.  Available with or without Caller ID. P5090 - $154.95, P5075 - $134.95  

telephone recorder

12 Hour TelePhone Recorder - This Battleship of the Phone Recorders Industry will give you up to 12 hours of record time on a standard 120 minute cassette!!! $129.95  


Digital Voice / Phone Recorders - Record up to 91 Hours of phone conversations, includes software to download to PC and a lot more!!! $124.95 - $179.95 

micro phone recorder

Micro Phone Recorder - This micro recorder can be used to record up to 5 hours of conversation.  It is also a voice activated recorder. $54.95  

bug detector

Quality Bug Detector - Small portable unit allows for a quick scan of the area for bugs and rf transmitters. $89.95  

er4000 phone manager reverse caller id

Outgoing / Incoming Phone Number Logger - The new ER4000 is no ordinary caller ID, it also logs outgoing numbers $49.95

parabolic dish

Parabolic Shotgun Microphone - has site scope and record function. $69.95

key logger

KEY Stroke Data Logger - This small keyboard adapter will log all keyboard keystrokes.  Three models available. $54.95 and up 

detective software

How to Catch Your Cheating Lover - Very detailed information on finding out for sure.

Software - Surveillance software that you install on a computer that will monitor illegal use of your computer and other activity.  There are a lot of these program out there, this one is simply the best!  $49.95

detective software

NetDetective - Great software tools and resources to find out just about anything about anybody using the Internet. $24.99

Computer Sound Card Recorder - Use this software to record all phone conversations with your computer. $49.95
pagerank checker - Directory - cheap web hosting

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